My top 5 scariest Doctor Who villains!

(because i can!)

not in order… just as they pop into my head!

5) The Vashta Nerada

It is generally scary! you have to admit! It isn’t as if it’s something totally “alien” like the daleks or it’s not obvious like the cybermen or something… they are shadows. They kill in an instant. they use you against your people (hey, who turned out the lights?) they are truly a monster! 

4) similar to the VN, this is the monster from Midnight! 

it’s almost invisible (minus the knocking and copying). it turned the people against the doctor. it manipulated things! i always love these sorts of episodes when it’s just the doctor and some strangers who solve it (don’t get me wrong, i love the companions! but sometimes it cool just to get some new faces around!) 

3) The Cybermen (don’t laugh, i will explain all!)

they were one of the first monsters i remember seeing, so that must count for something… But also, what gets me about them is not that they can kill quickly or that they set out for world domination, but that they were humanI! they are made up of human parts!!! They are controlled by humansI!!! and the only way the doctor could kill them was by giving them emotions! (or electric stuff… but that’s not the point!) underneath the cold exterior is a person! like in one of the episodes (can’t remember name… age of steel? anyway…) roses mum get’s turned into a cyberman (this was the parallel universe one!) and lots of heart break and stufff (it’s been a while since i’ve watched that ep…) but the point is, you could turn into a monster! and metaphorically this can be applied to lots of things! instead of being born evil, like the daleks, most people don’t choose to be evil! ok, i think i’m done on this!

what numer am i on now….

oh yeaah, 2) the Weeping Angels (of course!)

no one can deny that these aren’t scary!!! it’s only when you look away! normally, the doctor would say to run! but you literally can’t run away from these! they’re fast! don’t turn your head, don’t look away and DON’T BLINK! sorry… i love that ep!

and finally! 1) i sorry to say that i don’t find the Silence or the Daleks scary… yes, they were scary at first but… the daleks are too evil! they’re like voldemort! seriously! and the silence does’t seem to have a reason to be evil! and they’re just (sorry) annoying! so what is my number one? there are so many freaky aliens on the series! (PLUS i haven’t seen classic who yet! lord knows what freakish creature are on that!) but when you stop to think about it, they’re very much the same! some weird looking aliens out looking for vengeance or human flesh or something! 

so i’ve decided to be totally original and choose something totally original (i hope)…!

1) humans. 

 i know what you’re thinking! “what, they’re not villains!” but when you think about it, the least human aliens are seen as the scariest… but are they really that different from us? the daleks are just angry at the doctor for killing them all the time! (they may have started the timewar… but that is not the point…) the silence are the people who can go past us without us even knowing (as Sherlock had said, taxi drivers are these people! no one takes any notice of them!) no matter how we try and create a ‘non-human’ alien, at the end of the day it will always be ‘human’! it may look like a pile of slime, but it would have some sort of voice, some sort of brain, some sort of everything we have (sorry, can’t be arsed to write all the stuff in!) so technically my number one is ‘humans’! the doctor being the ultimate ’human’! he is always saving people, but he never saves himself! that is soooo human! ok… i think i’m done… should i write a conclusion? i would but my brain’s gone a bit mushy… i need to lie down now… urgh…